Eligibility for Credit poor Loan

Logbook loans have taken over the lending market within years and that is the reason that it is being admired and adopted by the people of UK. There are number of logbook lenders in the market and even virtual as well; who ensures that a loan is sanctioned to the people in need. This loan process is fast and easy as well; whereas people can meet their emergency needs in less than 24 hours. The vest part about logbook loan is that it readily available for all those people who possess the vehicle. However the basic requirements for the logbook loan are as followed:

•Must be above 18 years or older

•Must be a UK resident

•Must own the car

•Preferably no finances for the car

•Must have a proof of identity, address, and income.

•All documents regarding the relevant vehicle such as, V5 document, MOT, and insurance document.

Creditpoor.Co.Uk ensures that all those people with bad credit history are entertained with loan in the easy steps and procedures as well. Credit poor is a registered logbook lender in the UK; which is helping the people who have bad credit history; have been rejected by the banks and is afraid to process the loan as of their previous bad records.  Credit poor is there to facilitate all those people who meet the basic criteria of logbook loans and thus the loan is given to them to meet their needs. Once a person reaches the company; the team of dedicated professionals ensures that the loan is given as per the affordability and the availability as well. The amount ranging from £250 and up till £50,000 can be availed as loan from Credit loan. The service provided by the logbook loan is quite easy to avail and anyone can have this loan, but with the condition that it has the ability to repay the amount.

Company has a rapid process of application processing. Once the online application or call is given to the Credit poor; the instant response is given to the potential borrower and then the service advisor visits the home for the evaluation of the vehicle. Upon calculation an agreement is signed between the lender and borrower; during that process the borrower is well informed about the terms and conditions as well as legal compliances as well. Once agreed the amount is transferred in to the bank account and then the cycle of repayment of loan starts.

The fast and reliable processes with minor documentation and quick money transfer; make the life easy for the borrower and that is the reason it is admired and appreciated by the customers as well. Creditpoor is there to help people with the bad credit history and their easy processing make it more worthy for the logbook loans. For more details registered office, a phone call or visiting the website is the best solution. Have peace of mind; while your asset is secured and the loan is not a headache then apply the loan through them.